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        Fuzhou East of Technology Co., Ltd.——Smart Water Meter OEM/ODM Provider

        Dongri located beside the beautiful Min River, focuses on providing service for the market of industrial measurement and controlling and the Internet of things. This is a high-tech enterprises for designing and developing not only communications and intelligence sensors that are highly reliability, highly accuracy, low-power consumption and low-cost but also embedded software and solutions. As far as now, the products include the Wireless digital instrument which using the latest ISM communication technology,intelligent navigation light control panel, micro photovoltaic battery charging control, ect.

        Dongri dedicated to be the smart meter OEM / ODM service provider, our products have been adopted by theFuzhouwaterworks. In the future, our business will focus on networking and civilian smart meter,we will dedicate to provide a comprehensive solution for the base table water meter factory and to become a leader in the field.

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