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Dongri participated in 2014 ChinaZhejianginternational city smart meterWater/ Electricity /GasExpo


13 May 2014 

       9-11 May 2014 , Hangzhou Baimahu International Convention and Exhibition Center ( No. 336 Changjiang Road, Binjiang District ) , 2014 China ( Zhejiang ) international city smart meter (Water/ Electricity /Gas) Expo held as scheduled , Dongri participated in with “the wireless telemetry system ”.

         During the exhibition , our exhibitors receive the visitors from all sides warmly, our products on display include the wireless telemetry system , the smart meter sensors, wireless collectors , bridge connectors, remote module, etc. We dedicated to provide a comprehensive solution for the base table water meter factory. The exhibitors introduce product and display technology mainly through a live demonstration which including: the working principle of the smart meter sensors and the wireless telemetry system.

        The chairman , general manager, sales manager, hardware engineer and purchasing manager participated in the exhibition. Through market researching, technical exchanging, cooperation discussingit made a good bedding to expand the business in water meter industry in further.

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